Turquoise Jewelry Articles

Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry Buying Tips


The turquoise gemstone is popular for its unique and invigorating charm and then for adding a touch of sophistication the jewelry items like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The stone has been preferred the fabric of craftsman and artists from ages to create art pieces. Also, color of the gemstone allows craftsmen to utilize different materials regarding the settings, such ...

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Turquoise – The Gemstone For December Birthstone Jewelry


Turquoise is the lovely blue gemstone that is used in December birthstone jewelry. It’s a bluish green stone which has been used since at least 6000 B.C. as soon as the Egyptians used it in mosaics and enhancing work and then in the treasure worn by their Pharaohs. It was also used more recently by Aztec kings, in masks, shields ...

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The best way to Clean Turquoise Silver Jewelry


Turquoise is basically a organic stone, due to the fact that of this wonderful factor, cleaning your turquoise jewelry with caution serves as a must. Supposing you take proper care of the gemstone, it might unfortunately last for generations to approach, but if you are willing to neglect it, discoloration and disintegration are perfect possibilities. For anyone who definitely are ...

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The Lure Of Turquoise


Man has been desirous about the stone turquoise for generations with a reason why. This beautiful mined diamonds comes in colors right from sky blue to greenish yellow and also has been employed in jewelry and also for it’s healing properties for centuries. Turquoise is mined in China, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, and Persia. In the united states, it can be ...

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Bohemian Jewelry


Bohemian fashion, Boho for brief, serves as a cultural look that coalesces clothes and knickknacks along-side those sported by native people from in and around our world. Middle Eastern Jewelry is said to be a cousin of Bohemian jewelry, (aka Middle Eastern Jewelry, aka Turquoise Jewelry). Bohemian necklaces and bracelets are certainly famous all around the globe. It’s possible to ...

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The Magical Stone Turquoise


Turquoise is classed for being mineral that is categorized within the importance of phosphates with its chemical composition characterized by hydrated copper aluminum phosphate. It’s viewed as by the majority of people to become the most valuable and prized non-transparent minerals to get applied to today’s Native American turquoise jewelry markets. Throughout time, turquoise has been thought of as a ...

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Turquoise Gemstone


Aqua green is primarily quite possibly the most superb type of opaque stone. It needs to be this recipe of green, green, and yellow-colored green color that makes it actually desirable. The green color resides in reality on account of its aluminum content although the teal hue is considering of their copper substance and whereas the yellow-colored inexperienced hue is ...

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The Lore And Beauty Of Turquoise


Turquoise continues to be sought-after for many centuries for it’s beauty and healing powers. Renowned for it’s uses in Native American jewelry and carvings, the pollen has been present for hundreds of years and moves to ancient Egypt as evidenced by turquoise jewelry found in the traditional Egyptian tombs. This popular stone can range in color from vivid sky blue ...

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Attempting to find a perfect Wrist Accessory? Include a Sterling Silver Turquoise Cuff!


Native American turquoise jewelry has grown to be very important lately. Featured in fashion magazines everywhere are beautiful models and celebrities adorned in turquoise necklaces, bracelets and earrings encased in sterling silver, gold or plated metals. You may have even seen a bit or two being highly touted on several shopping channels in previous months. The allure of sterling silver ...

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Turquoise Mines From Around The World


The charming blues and greens of turquoise have been treasured by the majority of people cultures throughout life since pre-historic times. Turquoise continues to be mined coming from a wide range of locations worldwide, including Persia (the current Iran), Tibet, China, Egypt and of course the southwest US. Nearly everywhere finally it was mined, it was actually highly appreciated via ...

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